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To have your name and contact information added to the RAF Upper Heyford Duty Roster, please complete, print-out and mail the following form to the address below for each tour of duty. Sorry, all requests to add, change or remove your e-mail address must be in hard-copy form, sent to the address below.
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If you served more than one tour of duty at RAF Upper Heyford, please complete and submit one form for each tour of duty.
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Duane Park
3424 Cherrywood Ln.
Plano, Texas 75074 USA

Although inconvenient, this method has proven effective in protecting your posted information from being vandalized by pranksters who have e-mailed me to falsley request a change of information on your behalf. Sorry, all requests to add, change or remove your e-mail address must be in hard-copy form, sent to this address.
This is a FREE SERVICE provided by me at no cost to you. Allow 2 or more weeks for your information to be posted on the Duty Roster. Sorry, I do not have time to post and maintain active duty assignments & rank. If you need to change your e-mail address or need corrections made to your info, please address your Post Card or letter to the same address (above). Submitted requests without a valid return address or missing required information will not be honored. I do not sell, trade or in any way divuldge ANY of your information to anyone without your express, written consent! The Duty Roster is not intended to chronicle every promotion, accomplishment or position you ever held at UH or elsewhere, so please limit your info to the basics. All we're trying to do here is get you back in touch with your RAF Upper Heyford buddies. Once that happens, you can catch up on all your details between one another. Thanks!