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The Guest Book contains entries from former RAF Upper Heyford air base personnel, military dependents, our British friends, and enthusiasts. Check here to see if someone is wanting to find you, and feel free to use it to let someone know you are trying to find them. British employees of the Air Base and local enthusiasts are also welcomed! You may find some old friends inside, just waiting to hear from you.   If not, think how surprised they will be to find out you've been waiting to hear from them!   Come on in!*

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Webmaster - Duane Park, Feb, 2006. I miss the thunderous roar of the F-111's, with the ground trembling beneath my feet and the smell of JP4 jet fuel.   I would get pumped up from watching the F-111's taking off after I had been on a long, boring, and stressful Flightline Security Post for more than 12 hours during an Alert.

I miss watching the F-111 afterburners light up at night, just before the F-111's took off down the runway; remember? I'm sure the folks who were stationed at "The Haystack" before me can relate to the same experience when the B-47's, F-100's, F-101's and the F-4's dominated the base during their days at the base.

Many of us tend to identify our tour of duty at RAF Upper Heyford as it relates to certain aircraft (naturally), but there are other similarities that we all share, regardless of the era. The tough times when most of us worked more hours back-to-back than we ever dreamed we could do. It wasn't easy for any of us... and that aspect may very well be the common bond that drew us so close together. And, as many of you have shared, I would do it all over again if given the chance.

Hey! I miss seeing the blue lights along the taxiways at night, especially when it was foggy.   Do you remember that? It looked kind of mysterious and surreal, don't you think?.

I also miss (thanks to Mark Sinclair for reminding me) Jay's Pizza Trailer on the side of Camp Road. How thankful I was for that great taste of "home" so far away from the States! And thanks to Larry Flowers for reminding me of the window on the side of the NCO Club where you could order a real American-style Hamburger!!! Ahhh... now that was good stuff, wasn't it? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about! As close to home as we could get (when it came to "fast"-food)! ; )

I was stationed at RAF Upper Heyford from 1976 to 1978, and some of you have written in to me who have served there before I was even born! That is so amazing!!! But I'm glad that through the NATO alliance we can sleep in peace because someone else is "watching our back" just as we have done the same for so many.

What remarkable times we have all shared through the years, on a base that had been in service since the early 1900's!   Yes, there was just something about that assignment, wasn't there?

Sleep Tight Tonight... Heyford's on Alert! Submitted by Duane Park, 20th SPS, Nov 1976 - Nov 1978. Duane Park

Special Thanks to Richard Mead and

Former Heyford SP assists in locating old friends and family.
Former Heyford SP assists in locating old friends and family.

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