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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Question: "Can you help me to locate my friend (or buddy, or biological family member)?"
    Answer: No! Here is what I recommend.
    1. Check the The Duty Roster. If you don't find them listed there, then maybe they don't want to be found. Don't ask me to do that for you!
    2. Hire a Private Investigator:
      Former Heyford SP assists in locating old friends and family.
      Former Heyford SP assists in locating old friends and family.

    Please respect what little time I have by not e-mailing me to ask this question.

  • Question: "Who do I contact to find out if I can use the runway to do performance speed testing on a vehicle?"

    Answer: I have NO IDEA! Please ask someone else!

  • Question: "Why has my e-mail / request / etc. gone unanswered?"

    Answer: Because I am seriously backlogged to November 2011 on unanswered e-mails. Unfortunately, FAQ's are not always read before someone shoots off an e-mail to me (yours truely), resulting in an overload for the webmaster; me... (yours truely). Thus, I have placed a link on the top header of each page for "FAQ's" (Frequently Asked Questions) to help curtail unnecessary e-mails.

    Be it known unto all: If you ask me a question that is answered in the FAQ's page, your e-mail will go unanswered and quickly deleted. I know this may sound harsh, but my family and my health are more important.

  • Question: "Why isn't there a page for MY squadron / organisation / sports team on this web site?"

    Answer: Squadron web pages are developed when enough material, such as scans of photos, patches, badges, etc., have been submitted to me (your friendly neighborhood UH web guy). If you haven't found anything about your squadron here, be encouraged to participate by sharing your photos and squadron information - including emblems, patches or decals/stickers, if you have them - and help to make this web site even better.

  • Question: "Why does this organization exist?"

    Answer: The purpose of this web site "organization" is to provide a central hub of information about RAF Upper Heyford, as well as providing a central focal point of contact information for those who wish to re-connect with former base personnel who have served at the airbase. The web site is really not so much an "organization" in the traditional sense. I probably should have named it a more suitable "".

  • Question: Where do you get your information?

    Answer: The primary source of information on this web site comes from the contributions of information and photos from former RAF Upper Heyford personnel.

    I was stationed at the base from 1976 to 1978, so obviously I can't (and don't) know all there is to know about the base, or every squadron or operation. We can't always believe everything we read, see, or hear; whether in the newspapers, television, the internet or e-mail. It is not my intention to mislead anyone; but niether shall I intentionally reveal critical and/or proprietary USAF information concerning the base and its operations on this web site. Statements on this web site are not necessarily the opinion of the webmaster, assigns or volunteers of, and the information contained herein is not necessarily to be construed as fact by any web site visitor/viewer.

  • Question: "Are monetary contributions to your web site tax deductable?"

    Answer: No. This is a hobby of mine, and I am happy to use my web programming knowledge to establish this web presence on behalf of all those who served at RAF Upper Heyford. My pledge to you is to do the best I can with what I know, and will keep this site free of charge so long as voluntary donations permit.

  • Question: "How do I change my e-mail address on "The Duty Roster?"

    Answer: Simply send your name and new email address in a letter through the postal service to:
    Duane Park
    4025 N. Meridian, Apt. 5
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112

    Please allow 2-4 weeks for the change to be made.

  • Question: "What is your policy on photos?"
    Answer: Photos are always welcomed.   That's how this web site works.   You will be credited for submitting the photo(s), so please do not submit a "borrowed" one from another web site unless it can be confirmed to be "Public Domain".   Please provide as much information with your photo as possible, including the dates (even if it's only the year), the names and the place(s).

    Photos of your workplace and/or people you served with at RAF Upper Heyford are what this web site is all about. With enough material, I will be able to create a page on the web site for your squadron. Once it gets started, others from your squadron will usually tend to join the party and send in their photos, too. Photo credits are given based on information from the contributing photographer or the person submitting the photo (so be careful not to "borrow" them from someone else's web site, because if a copyright infraction occurs, it will come back on the head of the submitter of the photo).

    I will no longer be able to scan in the pics due to time constraints, but if you have them in electronic format, you can send them to this e-mail address: Be sure to remove the characters "nospam." from the address line before you click the "Send" button, or your e-mail will not reach me.   Photo credit disputes will result in the removal of the photo from the RAF Upper Heyford Memorial Web Site. This web site is just a hobby for me, so I hope you'll understand if it takes a while to get your photos and/or other materials set up on your squadron page.

    As the webmaster of, it is my desire and wish that you will continue to observe the integrity of the credit of all photos on this site, respecting the kind generosity of each contributor.

  • Question: "Are you going to do a sister web site for RAF Croughton?"

    Answer: No. As much as I would love to, this web site keeps me busier than I can manage.

  • Question: Would it be possible to hot link to another page that had all the names listed in date entered order instead of alphabetical order? If that was possible, then one could quickly see who the recent additions are.

    Answer: That's a good idea. Someday I hope to have the web site "asp" enabled so that people can sort the data either by date(s) of service, squadron, name etc. At this point I'm having a difficult time trying to keep up (as you can probably tell). The other issue is that it adds more cost each month to have asp enabled web space, which I'm financially apprehensive. The web space provider would have to provide a cgi bin, as well as offer support for CGI, Java and Pearl scripting. More information than you wanted to know, I'm sure. =)

  • Question: "Who are you, really, and why are you the webmaster of this web site? What's in it for you?"
    Answer: Okay... this is not a FAQ, but... my name is Duane Park.   I served at RAF Upper Heyford in the 20th Security Police Squadron from 1976 to 1978.

    Several reasons motivated me to create, develop and maintain the RAF Upper Heyford Memorial Web Site.

    • Firstly, until September of 2000, there wasn't a web site on the internet that served as a central hub or focal point to represent the former base and its personnel.
    • Second, there was no central point of contact for all former base personnel to reunite and renew past friendships. This is currently accomplished by means of the "Duty Roster" which I update about once a month, free of charge.
    • Finally, what I get in return for hosting this web site is lots of e-mails full of thanks and gratitude from former base personnel and their dependents, as well as British Nationals who worked at the base. This site has been created only for nostalgic purposes, fond memories and providing a means by which USAF service men and women may find and reconnect with each other after these many years. There is no secret agenda to re-open the base, and no conspiracy connected to the existance of this web site. I am just a U.S. Cold War Veteran with good intentions and too many hobbies! =o)

  • Question: Is this an official web site for RAF Upper Heyford?
    Answer: No. It is mearly a collection of photos, stories and memorabilia from former RAF Upper Heyford base personnel and their family members and friends.

  • Question: How much money are you making from all of this?"
    Answer: Zero, none. Lately, I pay for all of this out of my own pocket. When I became unemployed, I began asking for financial gift contributions to help keep this web site online. The web site Donations page reveals a full disclosure of all web site expenses, past and present, as well as all financial contributions within a 4 to 6 week timeframe. All proceeds generated and/or received by the RAF Upper Heyford Memorial Web Site are used to support, maintain and develop the RAF Upper Heyford Memorial Web Site, period.

    Please note that the cost of maintaining the web site often exceeds the monetary gift donations received. Meaning; the cost of maintaining this web site comes from the pocket of "yours truely". It is genuinely my pleasure to help each of you as much as I can, and I truely hope you will find and re-connect with your friends -- just as I have -- through this very web site. I have re-connected with almost ALL of my squadron buddies, and I am (frankly) a very happy man.

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Those who use the e-mail address format [name] have nothing to do with this web site or organization.

To be clear, there is no association between this web site / organization and those who use an e-mail address ending with

Duane Park

This web site can best be described as a work in progress. There is much work yet to be done, with photos and all related information yet to be added. Your patience is greatly appreciated and has not gone unnoticed.

Many thanks.

Duane Park

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